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they ners ,3 would rebuill. and now a full 3 year later, mount washington 3 tavern is open again. again. . joel d. smith is agn washinnton yearr aaer, mount and now a full would rrbuild. promissd they fames were even 3 3 3 3 3 before the flames were even out.... the owners promised they would rebuild.. and now a full year later,,mount washington tavern is open aggin. again. . joel d. smith is live there nnw to show us the challenges to rebuilding a local lannmark, and see if the ggod morning oel d. d. 3 3 this morning... police are searching for wo men who shot a fast-food restaurant manager arly sunday morning in columbia. it happened just bbfore 1 a-m at the taco bell near minstrel way and snowden river parkway. the managgr was ccnfronted by two en outside the tore.they flownnto shock trauma where he's listed n critical conditiin. police don't know the motive for the shooting. a dozen employees at thh baltimooe department of their jobs... after eingg pccused of steaaing tens of phousands of dollars wortt of scrap metal.the inspectorr general detailed the released
. president obama is vowing to fulfill his promise o end gridllck in washington.obama says: "...you want cooperation. you want action. that's what i plan toodellverr - pn my second term, and i exxect to find leader from both paaties willing to oin me." but the election results, are producing a bit -3 of 'bbltway deja vu...'thee balance of power remainn the 3 wwiteehouse and senate..and republicans in charge of the house.many in connress will not be coming back ii the 113th congress. eighty-ssx lawmakers are retiring, lost or ran for aa iifeeent office. pricc: "i think what at the election aid is that the american peoppl don't want uniiied government here in washington. they want divided govvrnment, which means we have to et together and solve thesseremarkabll challengess thht we hhve."action will have to happen in the last tto months of 2012 - racing against the clock, their first real test -- aaerting the 'fiscallcliff.'hundreds of billions offdollarssof ttx increases and spending cuts autooattcally going into effect january firrt, unless the presi
to washington. ggod morning joel dd 3 gordo- "yea who 3 &pgordo- "yee who will obama blame this next 4 years?" years?"art - "i can't wait to bitterness from romney supporters. sorry folks! guess it's time to ove to canada!" ccnada!"time to move to folkss guess it's supporters. sorry bitternesssffom read the next few aat - "i can't wait tt wiillobama blame ordo- "yea who gordo- "yea who will obama blame this next 4 ye" pears?"art - "i can't wait to read the nexttfew weeks of 3 bitterness from romney supporters. sorry folks! guess it's time tt move to canada!" 3 3- maryland voters have approved the state's version of the dreem act.it will alllw illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at public colleges.keith daniels is in fells point where the supporters rallied. rallied. ((take pkg)) & made hhstory in what waa a very close race.the ballot puestion received apprrvaa with about 52--eeccnt of he vote.jeff abell watched the debate over same sex arriage from downtoww baltimore. baltimore. ((take pkgg) coming uppon thh early edition... bringing a casino... to prince george'ssco. county.t
through mmry. maryland. joel d. smith is tracking bge's efforts in in mount washington. good ve morning joel d. 3 we're here at grespring now let's look at bel air. a with 16 ttousanddcustomers without power. it'' day two on the job.... with good rogress bei mngel aac wneodroes back on pples to hold on pnsulators. weecaught up their elddrly mother. the family is keeping warm inside generator. outside, where bal w - ng wood to fu - (mr. ccomwell/without pooer) "i didn't ttink it was going to be as bad as it was. it seems like that storm, that eye was just.. we were in thh center of at eye.. and we caught it. you could tell by all the trees that are uprted,he h espely m a up-p3 wirrrsgo&smly &proad.. crrww say residents there shoull be back in the light.. soon. here work ccews are expeeted o come ack around 8:00 this morning. the new crewwstarts at 6:00am, before starting day 4 of g, --3 lit... ann half isn't.take a s look at ttis picture... you cannsee the entire part of buttjust overrthe williamsburg tite 2lioprer neighbors have sthoowwh some forms of publ
on to say thaa phen ppople ask him how he deaas with the stress of washington.. he alwayy thinkss of the staff that supports him. we arr ow getting mmrr information from the pentagon aaout aa attack on a u-- drone. &ptwo iranian ffghter jets fired on the unarmed drone in the persian gulfflasttweek.the u-s aar force predator drone wass not hit...but was performing suuveillancc in international airspace.... east oo kuwait,. but he incidenttraiies fresh concerns wwthin the obama admiiistration about iranian military aggression in crucial gglf ool shipping lanes. seven navy seals are unished information o a viieo game. the pentagon they provided viieo game publisher n to he - electronic artt for the gaae "medal of honor."the company consulttnts on the game.the ssven were accused oo showinn their official coobat gear and disclosing lassified material. they were given a letter of reprimand and docked two ineligible for promooion and a moving tribute in the nation's capital... he the nation. as marianne rafferty explains.. it's the common ground awwrddfor conflict re
to thhefbi lasttmonth about the general's affair.all of his comes at a criticaa time in washington.closed hearings n the deadly consulate attack in benghazi, libya start this week.petraeus was supposed to testify, but now the agency's interim direetor, miihael morell, will speak in his lace.i'm andrew spencer reporting. p uus official says petrraus &pwasn'ttthe tarret of the yearrbefore his nomination, he most well-known and popular military leader since colin powell. tto people are dead after an explosion in an indianapolis neighborhood late saturday nigh. anddflames juut pouring out off the homes. the fire departmeet thinks abouu three dozen homes werr affeeted by the blast due the sheer force weee taken to a shelter at a local elementary school. 14-17"just prry for these families. prayyfor all of our neighborhooddfamilies." &pfamilies."38--7 "a lot of it looks ike a tornado. but it's not a pattern, it's all blown a couule of the older guys said it looks like a war zone." &pzone."at llast seven people were transported to the hospitaa witt varying degrees of injuries.
:38boys wwll be girls pth - boys will be girlsone washington has ignited a controversy n a female lockee room.the 5-year man, who calls himself colleennffannis &phas all of his original manufacturer's parts. so to speak. nothinggs bben changed. exccpt three years pgo he declared himself a woman.ss now he uues the ladies' locker room. and shhwers. and aunaa fully nude.loccl area swim teams use the evergreen pool. and - loccer room. and showers. nude man lying abouttthh locker room thhyywere told the sshool's non-dissrimination policy prrtects him. aa a self-identified transgender, he's allowed to decide for himself which facilities - male or female - he gets to use.tteecollege claims a state non-discrimination law backs up its policy to allowwall tranngenders to use any facillty.maybe a fraternity r the football team willl announce thee're transgender so that they, too, can shower in tte ggrls' locker room.60 piles down interstate-5 t the university of washinnton they're having none of this nonsense. t the q-ceeter which is a "resourcc center dedicated to serving anyone wi
..." ........the issue f legalizing marijjana, revisited with pot now legal in colorado and washington state.. and ith word thhttthe pressdent obama duuiig a debate in his initial illiiois campaign for u-s senate in 2004. at he timee the president said he was for dd- videoo "but i'm not somebody who believes innthe legalization of marijuana..." .........some maryland baltimmre city delegate curt anderson wants a bill... which includes no arrest, no prosecution..ooly a citation and fine.(del. anderson) "too getting convictions from are nuisance cases ike these using marijuana and five or sixxyears later,,they can't get into school, they can't get jjbs..".........others including former maryland &pstate police captain, leighh madox....(mmdox) "llgalized, regulated and controlled...." .........madox, whoss a memberr of leap, law enforcement against prohibition, says legalizing marijuana would, among other things, end the violence associated with the drug.((adoox "because it's no longer going tt be cash crop. you're not going to have warehouses full of cash ttat eople want to stea
is stabbed to death in southwesttbaltimore. baltimore.it happened monday afternoon near washington boulevard and est ostend street.the 51 year old victim was found in herrhome by a pelative.no word on a suspect or a motive at thii time. diagnosed in maryland... may be connected to the case of a traveling hospital worker... accuued of tampering with needles.accooding to the pepartment of health and mental hyggene....testing shows the maryland resident's infection is closely reeated to another strain.meddcal tech ddvid kwiatkowski charres in new ampshireefor tampering with needles and infecting more ttan 30 peoplee the maryland patient was one of more than 17-huudred people who were urged to get tested affer the charges were filed. the patient is o-k..- 3 one week after superstorm sandy victimized the atlantic coast...new dorp beach in of garbage.s in the regioo - - garbage.you can see it piled up in the street... and on lawns.residents are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of destrrction.many have lost everything they own. volunteers are working to deliver foodd water, clothes &p and homeow
and they call it the 'redskin rule".according to the rule, if washington loses its last home game before the presidential electton, then the innumment will also lose the election. election. they lost sunday to the north carolina panthers 21113. meaning, if the trrnd is accurate,,mitt romney will win. the reddkin rule has been √°except...in 2004 when second term. weather)) &p3 ((traffic repooter ad libs)) map 395---40--libertymap 3 ptill to comee.. trimming costs now... o avoid holiday debt later. laaer.the easyyways to save up in the coming weeks. p3&a drug raad... turns up more than marijuana.the exotic animal police stumbleddupon. 3 first on fox...anne arundel counny police stumbled upon a wild crime scene over the weekend when they went to the home of a suupected drug dealer in jessup.officers say phey founn a 3-foot alligator innide.melinda rreder has the suspect's explanation. explanation. inside this quiet subdivision - police say theirr uspect - michaee golden - was dealing drugs.when they went inside this weekend... they conniscated more ttan 150 grams of marijuana... and some other s
not have become vice president last night... but he will e coming back to washington.ryan represents wisconsin's first congressionaa district and challenger for an 8th term in the house. edition... on a mission... to ve vooe.the 99-year-old baltimore stand in her way. 3 ((break 1)) ((ad lib ((brrak 1))((break 1)) 3 ((traffic eporter ad libs)) 3 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 ((traffic reporterrad libs)) map 40 map liberty map shawan map 40 map liberty map shawan 3 3 3 3- still to come... casey anthony... gets unwelcome news. news.the ruling made by florida judgg... in the civil suit against her. an elderly voter... does her baltimore woman ooercame... to ((break 2)) 3 3 among the thousands of voters casting their ballots tuesday... was woman from northwest baltimore.as kathleen cairns explains... thh woman... who is just a few diin't let herrage revent her &pfrom picking a president. presiddnt. (voice-"be real careful") harriet has been waiting ffr thissddy: "i'm going to vooe for my president- bows head" herjourney: just two miles: (voice)"ya think you can get me in that car
of amerrcann were "victims" who ere "dependent" on the government. washington lawmakers want to know everything there is to know about september's deadly consulate attack n bbnghazi, libya.today, thee're holding plosed door hearingg in hopes shade shows us what we could ex. expect. --reporrerrpkg-as follows -- several of washinggon'' power players will be on captioo hillltoday, expecting to be grilled about the deadly consulate attack in benghazi, libya.u-s ambassador, chris stevens, and three other americcns were illed in the september 11-th assault.former cia director david pptraeus is schedulee to address the senate house innelligence committee tomorrow.his testimony was in question afterrhis sudden resignaaton understands and was there during the time whhn the benghazi events ccurred."ssme republicans ave bben going afterru-n ammassador susan riie.affer the violenne, she saad intelligence pointed tooa spontaneous... not pre-plannee attack.senator john mccain senaaor lindsey graham just doeen't trust her..nd the peason i don't trust her is because i think she knew better and i
washington university: "...it certainny does mean that they have to worry about -3 rrnning afoul of public opinioo at their peril,,having just suffered a loss..." domestic issues aside, he ability of theetwo ssdes to reach an agreementtmany also have an impact on foreign affairs.damon wilson / exxeutive vice pressdent of the atlantic council:"...an inabillty to strike an agreementtthat's serious, that's long termm that - restores confidence in the - fiscal sstuation of the unnted statts in the markets globallyy i think it aatually weakens his hand on every pforeign pooicy issue..." (anchorrtag) the 3 new ecretary ffstate nd treasury secretary. both hillary clinton and tim geithnee are ot xpected to return for the president & second term. in new york, ainsley earhardt fox news. 3 in light of colorado legalizing marijuaaa ...tte goverror warned supporters to not ""breaa out thh cheetos or law is still illegal under federal law.but one marijuana &padvocate made sure the govenor had hii own pprsonal supply of snaaks by d
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13